Frequently asked Questions

1. How Long Will It Take For My Parcel To Arrive?

Typically an order will be delivered to your door within 7 - 10 days but this depends on various factors. Various incidents below can affect the delivery time:

A. The shipping method from the store you are purchasing from to our depot.

B. The weight of the item you have ordered. Usually we import with DHL Express, but heavier items are sent via Fedex Economy.

C. Customs delays. Customs are usually very efficient but if the parcel is stopped for inspection then delays of a week to 10 days may occur.

D. Weather delays - especially during hurricane season.

E. Flight delays

F. Local Courier Delay. 

2. Is The Delivery Insured?

Depending on the type of service you select. If you are doing the clearing yourself then yes, your shipment is insured until it reaches your door. If we are processing the clearing and then have to reship using local courier, the international part of the delivery is insured but there is optional insurance of 2% of the value for the local courier.

3. How Do I pay you?

We accept payment via EFT to our Local FNB account.

4. What about warranty?

We are not the suppliers of the item, we are shippers only. Any warranty claims you may have will have to be dealt with between you and the store you purchased from or the manufacturer direct.

5. What if my parcel arrives damaged?

Please inspect the package on arrival. If it looks damaged then take photos of the parcel and inspect the contents, as sometimes there is superficial outside box damages but the contents are ok. If the contents have been damaged by the delivery then please take photos and let us know the type of damage. If it is courier related a claim will be submitted on your behalf.

All goods are inspected by our USA shippers prior to shipping to South Africa.

6. What Are Restricted Items?

There are certain items that are restricted for import, such as prescription medicine, weapons, night vision, furs etc. Please see DHL restricted items here.

7. Can you only import from the USA?

No, the USA is our main market but we can assist with importing from various other countries, such as Hong Kong, Dubai, Australia, UK. 

8. Can you import items with Lithium Batteries?

Yes we can (from the USA and UK), as long as the battery is not loose and is part of the product, such as Laptops, Cameras etc.