We import products on your behalf from the USA and other countries.

From the USA we can offer prices pre clearing which is great for VAT registered individuals or businesses that want to claim back the import VAT.

From The USA and our ther locations we offer an all inclusive service, which includes all the clearing fees involved with importing.

We offer an easy solution to purchase products from overseas and have them imported to South Africa.

We are not retailers, we do not sell any products but can source most items world wide at a lower cost than you could find locally or even import yourself.


How Does It Work?

1. You send us the product you want to import by filling out the form here.

2. We check the product is not prohibited or restricted in any way and that it is in stock.

3. Once the item has been confirmed as available we calculate the price based on weight and we send you the price including the shipping and clearing fees if required.

4. If you are happy with the cost you pay us.

5. We order the item for you and send it to our shippers.

6. Our shippers fill out all the neccessary import documents and ship the parcel.

7. A. If we are doing the clearing then the parcel arrives in JHB, we pay all duties and customs on your behalf, we pay the local courier and forward the parcel to you with the local courier.

B. If you are paying your own clearing then the courier company will send you an invoice for any duties and custom fees,  they then clear the parcel and deliver it to you.